Kemetic Reiki

Ra Sekhi/Kemetic Reiki is based on the ancient energy healing systems of our ancestors in Kemet and throughout Afrika. It is a wholistic healing technique, which uses energy to manipulate and balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. It works to create positive changes in ones energy fields to bring healing and relief to dis-eases of all kinds.

Kemetic Yoga

Kemetic Yoga is the ancient Egyptian system of yoga enlightenment based upon the pracatice of physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation. Kemetic Yoga is a healing regenerative yoga system, that is characterized by a series of geometric progressive postures that creates the alignment of the spinal column and corrects defects in the skeletal muscular system in order to relieve stress, increase blood circulation, nutrient and oxygen supply to vital body systems.

Ear Candling

It is an ancient healing modality that is designed to enhance health. And truly reflects the title of the practice; one end of a cone like cylinder is inserted into the ear and the other end is lit. It is used to remove wax from the orifice of the ear. However, outside of the physical benefits, it has many subtle benefits such as: enhanced hearing, improved mood and lightness of spirit, purifies ones aura and strengthens auric field, the balancing of internal and external pressure. Other physical benefits are cleansing of sinuses, headache elimination and ear ringing.

Aura Photography

This is a service for people to view their Electromagnetic Field (also known as your Aura) which is converted with special equipment created only for this purpose. The end result is a beautiful polaroid portrait displaying your aura as a snapshot of that moment. After the photo is taken I am able to do a reading about your aura based on the results.

Stone & Crystals

Crystals are like human beings. In the sense they are organisms. Meaning they are living and each one is extremely unique having its own personality and attributes. Own color, having its own wavelength, vibration, and frequency. Emitting a field.  This field is capable of affecting on a cellular level assisting in clearing and charging ones energy body. Crystals purify the environment, aid in meditation and protect from radiation. Crystals have been used from time immemorial and most are natural coming from the earth.

Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is ancient methodology of reading ones energy. The cards convey a story and provide keen insight as to what has happened and can happen. The tarot reading is soley designed to help one make the soundest choice possible.


Floyd is a four time author: Unspoken truth, The Origin of Racism, The Holy Black Papyrus, and the Book of Self a Thesis on Energy and How it Interrelates. His goal as a writer is to elevate one's state of awareness.He was introduced to books at a very early age, and as he matured those seeds began to germinate breaking the soil of his mind. Reading and learning is truly the light which fuels this writer's world!

Stress Management Presentation

This is a rare dynamic stress management presentation built on the predicate of "all that exists is energy."  Outlining the interconnectivity of energy in the formation of man, to how,  it subtly affects our being to the health impact of energy centered around stress. In this presentation is explored the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and solutions are given to channel stress and coping. This stress management will boost the spirit, health, and productivity of the individual.

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