Who is Floyd Williams

Floyd Williams, is the owner of Thought Healing and was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota where he resides today. Floyd Williams is a man of ambition, passion, and wields a great thirst for learning. Along with a heart to share what has been bestowed upon him, along his purposeful journey in this physical phase of life. Floyd Williams fully embodies, that he is only a trustee of knowledge and a conduit for the Neteru/Great Spirit of the universe.



Floyd Williams, has authored four books; Unspoken Truth, The Origin of Racism, The Holy Black Papyrus, and his latest title The Book of Self a Thesis on Energy and How it Interrelates. As a child the present path and being he has become, he did not foresee. Yet, always knew that within he was different and consecrated to make a unique impact upon the world; all while feeling not of the world. The one person who did see this was his lovely mother. Always affirming, "you are a preacher!" And later in life this was constantly reinforced through the universes higher calling on his life and transpirings designed to redirect his attention and verbally through various every day people, guides, and  priests. Who would say things like: you come from a great lineage, you chose to incarnate for the work, you are a healer, you are an old soul, and are of the ancients.


Floyd Williams, journey has been one of diversity leading him to work with many master teachers, healers, and revolutionaries such as: the late but great Chokwe Lumumba, Baba Asinia Lukayta, Sa Ra Suten Seti, Debbie Lewis of Joy Flow Yoga, whom he received his first yoga teacher certification from in vinyasa. Master Yirser Ra Hotep of Yoga Skills, whom he received his second yoga teacher certification from in Kemetic Yoga. Priestess Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet of Ra Sekhi Healing Arts Temple, whom he received his level II Kemetic Reiki certification from. Caroline Shola Arewa founder of Energy 4 Life, whom he received his certification of completion for Energy 4 Life foundation course in Costa Rica. Floyd Williams has also studied under the spiritual umbrella of master Choa Kuk Sui receiving his level I Pranic Healing certification from advanced student Jason Calva.